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How to Choose Between a Mini vs. Full Tummy Tuck Procedure

If you’re considering a tummy tuck procedure (AKA abdominoplasty) to achieve a smooth and flat stomach, you may have heard about the option of a “mini” tummy tuck and wondered how it differs from a full tummy tuck. It’s important to realize that choosing between these two types of tummy tuck surgeries is actually quite simple. That’s because the two procedures are appropriate for two distinctly different types of patients.

Both a mini or full tummy tuck can help you look and feel great! Renowned board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Rotatori offers both types of tummy tuck procedures based on your specific needs:

42 year old abdominoplasty/tummy tuck

42 year old abdominoplasty/tummy tuck

Full Tummy Tuck Procedure

If you have a great deal of excess skin and fat in the abdominal area, as well as weakened abdominal muscles, you may be an ideal candidate for a full tummy tuck procedure. By tightening all the abdominal wall skin and muscles, a full tummy tuck addresses these concerns – both above and below the belly button.

Full tummy tuck surgery may require two incisions instead of one because of the repositioning of the belly button and leaves behind a standard-sized scar. Recovery from a fully tummy tuck takes several weeks.

Mini Tummy Tuck Procedure

If you have small fat deposits and very minimal excess skin located primarily below the belly button, then you may opt for the mini tummy tuck procedure. A mini tummy tuck tightens the lower abdominal wall skin only and leaves a shorter scar.

During mini tummy tuck surgery, only one small incision is made where it will be easily concealed by clothing or a bathing suit. While the improvement possible with a mini tummy tuck is not as comprehensive as a full tummy tuck, it requires less time during surgery and less recovery time.

Upon consultation and examination with Dr. Rotatori, you will be advised as to which procedure can best accomplish your goals.

34 year old abdominoplasty/tummy tuck

34 year old abdominoplasty/tummy tuck

Are You a Good Tummy Tuck Patient?

Since abdominoplasty is one of the more invasive surgeries, most tummy tuck patients are in the 30 to 50 year old age range. However, if you are a patient who is older, there is no reason why age alone should prevent you from getting a tummy tuck if you have realistic expectations and the physical factors line up properly.

No matter what your age, you may be a good candidate for either a mini or full tummy tuck procedure if you meet the following criteria:

  • Healthy Exercise Habits and Excellent Mobility
  • Good Respiratory Health and Tissue Vascularity
  • Absence of Diabetes or Other Conditions That Could Compromise the Healing Process (including medications that could cause problems such as blood clots)
  • A Genuine Desire to See This Procedure Improve Your Quality of Life

That last point isn’t technically a “must” for surgery. However, in general, if you are more invested in your tummy tuck procedure and have a stronger desire to see results, you will tend to heal quickerremain happier throughout the healing process and find greater satisfaction in the outcome. That’s why it’s essential to set specific goals and plans for how you want to enjoy your new shape.

33 year old tummy tuck with liposuction

33 year old tummy tuck with liposuction

Whether you choose a mini or full tummy tuck, this highly effective body contouring procedure offers a chance to restore your quality of life. Please request a priority consultation with Dr. Rotatori today to discuss how to get the slim new shape you want via a mini or full tummy tuck procedure.

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