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If you are considering a procedure, Dr. Rotatori and his staff share useful research, tips, and the latest practice news to keep you informed and looking your very best. Browse our blog for the latest cosmetic surgery updates and newest treatment options.

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Breast Augmentation Recovery Process

What Can I Expect During the Breast Augmentation Recovery Process? Now that you’re on the cusp of enhancing your natural beauty through breast augmentation, a journey of self-discovery and transformation awaits. As you embark on…
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Breast Augmentation Procedure

What Does the Breast Augmentation Procedure Involve? If you have been considering breast augmentation, you are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of individuals just like you are exploring the possibilities of enhancing their body image…
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When is the Best Time to Get Plastic Surgery

However, it is simply better to undergo certain procedures at specific times of the year for a myriad of reasons such as: Allow an Appropriate Period for a Safe Recovery Conceal Swelling and Scars After…
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Combining Cosmetic Surgery Procedures: Is It Safe?

Many factors need to be considered when combining cosmetic surgery procedures. For example, breast and abdominal surgeries work very well together. In addition, rhinoplasty (nasal surgery) is often combined with other facial procedures such as…
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Best Skin Procedure For You: Micro-Needling VS Chemical Peel

The Science Behind Micro-Needling The Micro-Needling SkinPen is the newest member of the non-surgical skin tightening procedures and it packs an impressive punch. This non-ablative technique punctures tiny needles into the face, creating open channels into the…
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