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Breast Reconstruction

Renowned board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Rotatori specializes in helping women regain their confidence after breast cancer with expert breast reconstruction Orlando surgery.

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Breast Reconstruction Orlando: Restore Your Natural Shape and Regain Your Self-Confidence

With decades of experience in the latest breast reconstruction techniques, Dr. Rotatori is uniquely qualified to give you back your natural shape, no matter your needs. Many Orlando area oncologists refer their patients to our office.

Dramatic improvements in breast reconstruction surgery provide better results than ever before and make breast reconstruction a viable option for most women scheduled to undergo mastectomy surgery.

What to Expect with a Breast Reconstruction

No matter how significant your past breast tissue removal, you have many treatment options. A mastectomy reconstruction consultation with Dr. Rotatori will determine whether expansion or some other type of breast reconstruction will be the most favorable in your particular case. Reconstruction surgery will provide you with a breast that looks and feels as natural as possible.

Understanding the Breast Reconstruction Recovery Process

In general, you can expect to return to regular activities within 6 weeks after breast reconstruction surgery. Note that while breast reconstruction rebuilds the shape of the breast, it doesn’t restore sensation to the breast or to the nipple. Over time, the skin over the reconstructed breast can become more sensitive to touch, but it won’t be exactly the same as it was before surgery.

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Why Choose Dr. Rotatori for Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Orlando’s premier plastic surgeon, Dr. Rotatori offers decades of experience and expertise perfecting breast reconstruction techniques. He and his world-class team will help you look and feel your best. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Rotatori to explore your options for breast reconstruction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • To determine if you’re a good candidate for breast reconstruction surgery, schedule your consultation with Dr. Rotatori. He and his staff will walk you through all the breast reconstruction options for your individual situation.

  • Health insurance companies typically cover most of the cost of the breast reconstruction procedure. Contact your insurance carrier for more information about your coverage for breast reconstruction surgery.

  • You will experience some pain and discomfort for a week or 2 after breast reconstruction surgery. You will receive pain medication to minimize your discomfort during the recovery process.

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