Orlando Face-lift: Erase the Years for a Natural-Looking, Younger You

A face-lift is a very personal procedure, and our approach to your surgery will be highly individualized to retain your core facial features. Dr. Rotatori is an experienced, Board Certified plastic surgeon who has been recognized by his peers as a leader in his field, and his customized approach will enhance the unique beauty of your features while renewing their vibrancy and youth. 

Dr. Rotatori's face-lift surgery reverses signs of aging that have been adding years to your look:

  • Lift sagging skin, muscles, and fat
  • Give you back a youthful face shape
  • Redefine your jaw line
  • Ease creases and wrinkles

By removing excess fat, tightening the deeper fascial layer above the facial muscles, and tightening/re-draping the skin, a face-lift achieves the healthy, younger, most attractive results that you deserve.

Questions? Ask Your Patient Coordinator