Breast Reconstruction in Orlando: Restore Your Natural Shape

As a Board Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Rotatori specializes in helping women regain their confidence after breast cancer. As the Chief of Plastic Surgery at Orlando Regional Medical Center, he is uniquely qualified to give you back your natural shape, no matter your needs.

Breast reconstruction is an available option for those who have undergone: 

  • A simple mastectomy
  • A total mastectomy
  • A subcutaneous mastectomy and are missing both breast tissue and some skin
  • A modified radical mastectomy and are missing breast tissue

Reconstruction with an expander is usually not appropriate for women who have had a radical mastectomy.

What to Expect with a Mastectomy Reconstruction

No matter how significant your past breast tissue removal, you have many treatment options. 

  • A mastectomy reconstruction consultation will determine whether expansion or some other type of breast reconstruction will be the most favorable in your particular case
  • Dr. Rotatori and his team will walk you through all of your reconstructive options, and answer your questions thoroughly to ensure you are informed and prepared to make the decision that’s right for your needs 
  • Reconstruction will provide you with a breast that looks as normal as possible
  • Successful results allow the patient to look normal in clothes or a bra, and reasonably normal without clothes
  • This procedure restores a complete body image and a more positive self-image  

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