Otoplasty Orlando: Regain Confidence in Your Appearance

Ear surgery (otoplasty) corrects a variety of ear issues that can dramatically affect your confidence and self-esteem, especially in children:

  • Protruding ears
  • Large ears
  • Misshapen ears
  • Damaged earlobes

We also treat earlobes that have naturally enlarged and started sagging due to aging. Most treatments are performed through a thin incision in the fold behind the ear.

What to Expect with Ear Pinning

Our ear pinning is a procedure which can be performed either in our office using local anesthesia and oral medications or on an outpatient basis using general anesthesia:

  • The ears are usually bandaged with a dressing that wraps around the head in a turban-like fashion for several days
  • Excess fat and skin are removed. If only excess fat is present in the lower lids, it may be removed through an incision inside the lower lids with no external incision or scar
  • Initial mild postoperative discomfort is easily controlled with oral medication
  • The procedure is appropriate for children beginning at age five or six or at any time thereafter
  • The ears usually look "normal" within 10 to 20 days after your procedure
  • Usually, after the first dressing is removed, a thin stocking cap or headband is worn at night for three weeks after the first dressing is removed to protect the ears
  • Contact sports should be avoided for about a month

Questions? Ask Your Patient Coordinator